Vortex Softs: Meet Your Match

Optimised for maximum efficiency and performance as a native soft light solution, the Vortex8S and Vortex4S delivers beautiful full-spectrum soft light with high output right out of the box.



  • High Output Soft Light: 650W (V8S) or 325W (V4S) of output, throwing 58,200lumens for V8S and 29,100lumens for V4S (at 3m, 5600K, Open Face), both have a 110º beam angle.
  • Customisable Arrays: Vortex Softs can be mixed with Vortex hard panels using LNX and other mounting systems.
  • On the Go: A 48V DC power input means you can go battery powered when on location, and an IP65 rating ensures you’ll stay lit even when the storms roll in.
  • CreamOS Integration: Shares CreamOS with other Vortex products, enabling consistent control and easy integration into existing lighting rigs.
  • Light Source: RRGBBW (red+deep red, green, blue+royal blue, white) 

More information on the Vortex4S or the Vortex8S


Vortex24: A Triple Threat

Developed in response to customer feedback for a larger, punchy lighting solution, the V24 maintains the high-quality standards synonymous with the Vortex8 while offering triple the output and greater coverage. This larger form factor simplifies rigging and reduces the need for multiple units in large-scale productions, while offering the power and precision needed for exterior and condor work, plus intricate image-based lighting scenarios.



  • Pixel Precision: 24 pixel zones for lighting effects like fire and motion with smooth dimming across all intensities, all while maintaining colour accuracy.
  • Powerfully Efficient: Draws 1950W power, and includes a ‘House Power’ setting for 15A circuit operation.
  • Compact Design: Built-in ballast facilitating easier storage on carts and integration into truck packages.
  • Networking Simplicity: Equipped with dual Ethernet ports with a built-in Gigabit switch, enabling single-cable runs and daisy-chaining of units.
  • Quick Adjustments: A front latch system enables swift swaps of diffusers and accessories and includes a medium flat diffuser for immediate light softening.
  • Light Source: RRGBBW (red+deep red, green, blue+royal blue, white), throwing 90,000lumens at 3m (5600K, naked) with a 20º beam angle

More information on the Vortex24

Gear News Lighting

Price Reduction for SpaceX and Micro Lighting Fixtures

“Our goal is to help in making Creamsource products accessible to a broader audience, and we believe these changes are a positive step towards that.


For the SpaceX, we’ve listened to feedback and appreciate that the higher price point has been a barrier for some customers. We’re addressing this by not only reducing the price but also including optics (worth $350) as part of the standard SKU (K-CSX-1200-C).


Separately, we’re also lowering the price for our Micro lighting fixtures. This change is a part of our commitment to provide high-quality lighting solutions that fit a variety of budgets.”



For more information, click here for the website.



Aputure LS 1200D PRO

Introducing the newest and brightest flagship of the Light Storm series. Using the COB chipset, the 1200D Pro is on-par with industry standard HMI Lights at a far better price. Now includes 3 different Hyper Reflectors giving you customizability straight from the box. IP54 Weather Resistant and .1% incremental dimming, this light gives you power, portability, and precision.