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Fujifilm X100VI

To celebrate Fujifilm’s 90th anniversary year in 2024,
“FUJIFILM X100VI Limited Edition” will be released 
in a limited number of 1,934 units worldwide.

These Limited Edition, numbered X100VI units are packaged in a special
box that includes a special strap, soft release button and history cards

The camera body is engraved with the corporate brand logo
from Fujifilm’s founding in 1934, along with a unique serial number.


Elegant Design. Light Weight. High Performance. Flat Two-way Tilting LCD. Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder. 40.2-megapixel Sensor.


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KOMODO-X™ is the next evolution in the KOMODO family, multiplying the frame rates, dynamic range, and usability of the original KOMODO to break new grounds.

KOMODO-X features the same sized 6K S35 Global Shutter sensor as the KOMODO, but with a ground up redesign and key architecture improvements. Improved detail and color in shadows, paired with double the frame rates at 6K 80P and 4K 120P makes KOMODO-X an even more powerful tool for creatives.

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