Camera Support


The RED® Compact EVF Pack is compatible with KOMODO-X (Firmware support coming Q1 2024), V-RAPTOR®, and V-RAPTOR XL cameras. The pack includes the RED Compact EVF, a DSMC3 Adapter A, a RED EVF Mount, and an 18” Right-to-Straight EVF cable.

This pack is ideal for users looking for a highly flexible EVF monitoring solution for their DSMC3 camera system. The EVF Mount allows you to easily position the RED Compact EVF to find your optimal operating configuration. The DSMC3 Adapter A provides a single 16-pin output to supply power, video, and data to the EVF. The RED Compact EVF gives a clear, sharp viewing experience, and allows the operator to control and adjust key camera parameters such as FPS, ISO, and White Balance, or to quickly toggle user-assignable camera features with the integrated rear buttons.


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